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Crystal Sparkling Strawberry Vanity Box
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Keepsake Trinket and Jewelry Boxes for Your Precious Gemstones and Fine Jewelry

AK-SVA-026 Swarovski Crystal Sea Turtle Trinket Box. Copyright Milne Jewelry.

Sparkling Strawberry Trinket Box

Keepsake Swarovski Crystal Trinket Box

For your frequently worn jewelry pieces
and treasured collectibles.

Swarovski Crystal Sea Turtle Trinket Box Order # AK-SVA-026 - 116.00 - Your Value Price 58.00

Pink Swarovski Crystal Sparkling Strawberry Vanity Box. Crafted of durable polished base metal covered with rich shade of pink and green high gloss enamel, the Sparkling Strawberry is embedded with pink genuine facet cut Swarovski Crystals. The top half of the strawberry lifts off easily to store frequently worn jewelry pieces or collectible keepsakes. A timeless accessory and conversation piece for your vanity, countertop or desktop.  4AMCB41

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As an Authorized Keepsake Dealer, Milne Jewelry guarantees that every Swarovski Crystal vanity box we sell is new from the US manufacturer distributor and is as stated. Unlike the other online merchants, we do not sell factory seconds, close-outs, gray market, refurbished, or counterfeit products.

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Keepsake Trinket and Jewelry Boxes for Your Precious Gemstones and Fine Jewelry.

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Vanity box handcrafted using renown genuine facet cut Swarovski Crystals with attention to the smallest detail.

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